Partners of the project

ENEA – National Agency for National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development  is involved with one of its operative structures, the Portici Technical Unit for Technologies (UTTP) and its laboratory UTTP – NANO. The latter conducts research in technology, materials and inorganic devices, and researches in organic and hybrid low-power and low cost devices; it is involved in researches about the design and simulation of thin film devices. It studies and develops functional materials and nano-materials and related technologies of synthesis with the physical, chemical and electrochemical techniques, in order to obtain the integration of the same in the manufacture of devices for applications in the field of consumer energetics and electronics.

BTP - Tecno Srl deals with both production and trade of components and electrical and electronic equipment in the field of telephony, telecommunications and biomedical, both to installation and maintenance.



FORMIT, Foundation for Research on Migration and Integration of Technologies, is involved in the project through the headquarters in Naples. The Foundation carries out since 1985 scientific research, technical support, training, analysis and industrial, financial and socio-economic evaluation with the aim of supporting the processes of migration and integration of technological systems in all areas of society. The functional areas of expertise can be summarized in: studies, research and advice; training; development of cooperation and internationalization; consultancy for research funding.


UNISA, University of Salerno, is involved in the project through the Department of Electronic Engineering and Computer Engineering (DIEII). The participating group for research activities works in the fields of organic electronics, microelectronics and opto-electronics, and has significant experience in the design, development and characterization of devices based on organic semiconductor materials and related manufacturing technologies, as well as in the development of models of charge transport materials.


FOS (Field Organization System) Srl provides technology services in research, consulting, solution development and technological support in the long term. Its mission is to improve the market value of its customers through the introduction of well-designed solutions, easily managed, innovative and tightly integrated. Among its objectives it has the maintenance of the virtuous model of development already successfully implemented in other projects developed in the Campania region, upgrading its presence in the area.


SESMAT is an SME operating in the ICT sector with particular reference to professional services and solutions for the care and maintenance of hardware and software systems and IT  and industrial infrastructures. It exerts considerable activity in the implementation and maintenance of data networks both wired and wireless.


AET (Electromechanic al equipment and Telecommunications) Srl operates in the railway sector and is an important business reality, including two divisions: the Railway Armament Division, who has been designing and manufacturing infrastructure for the rail transport of people and goods, and Electromechanical and Telecommunications Equipment Division, in charge of electrical and molding of products of fiberglass. 

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