PROTEO-ReLIGHT (Training course for innovative technologists with skills of technology transfer in an international context)

The objective of this Training Project is the development of entrepreneurial potential in young graduates interested in exploiting research results in order to contribute to an improvement based on quality, sustainability and innovation.

Many companies, such as existing districts and laboratories, have the primary need to invest in figures with complex skills so they can promote innovation support networks, stimulating local governments’ and different territorial actors’ capacity to create and support networks aiming at the exploitation of local resources and expertise in international contexts. 

Given the strong connection between the themes of the research project and the R&D activities of SMEs, the profile of this Training Project PROTEO-ReLIGHT will be aimed at creating  professionals and technicians skilled in the management of economic capitalisation oriented research in the specific industrial sector and in similar contexts. This Project has the aim to train engineers and project designers for Organic Electronics with the profile of innovative Technologist, which focuses on:

  • development of technologies with expertise in technological transfer;
  • patenting;
  • innovation and new product development in an international context.

8 graduates, not older than 30 years, will have the possibility to participate in this training course. Its duration will be 20 months. Project leader is Dr. Carmela Pierri, Director of Fondazione FORMIT and responsible for the Center of methodologies and practices.

At the end of this project the expert shall have strong basic knowledge about fundamentals for chemistry and physics of organic materials and about their application aspects in the design and realisation of complex devices and circuits. Specialized knowledge must combine also with an economic and business vision that allows the economic value of innovation to the benefit of the development of enterprises and research facilities.

The professionals will be expected to have an adequate under standing of methods and economic and regulatory instruments, with particular reference to the management of technology transfer processes. Moreover, a point of the project to be reckoned with, is the realisation of modules directly in English to enhance the language skills useful to trading too.

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