PROTEO-SMARTAGS (Training course for technology integrators with expertise in technology transfer in an international context)

The goal of a Training Project is the preparation of specialists capable of working in public and private research institutions, facilitating the processes of integration between the technologies and innovations that are developed in a Public-Private Laboratory.

The Training Project PROTEO-SMARTAGS aims to educate engineers and designers for the Organic Electronics with the profile of Integrator Technologies, which focuses on:


  • integration of existing technologies for the enhancement of the product with expertise in strategic design,
  • innovation,
  • technology transfer,
  • marketing,
  • internationalization,
  • scouting of technologies and products.


8 graduates, not older than 30 years, will have the possibility to participate in this training course. Its duration will be 20 months. Project manager is the associate professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering, University of Salerno Alfredo Rubino.

At the end of this project the expert shall have strong basic knowledge about fundamentals for chemistry and physics of organic materials and about their application aspects in the design and realisation of complex devices and circuits. Specialized knowledge must combine also with an economic and business vision that allows the economic value of innovation to the benefit of the development of enterprises and research facilities.

The professionals, therefore, must have an adequate command of the methods and the economic and regulatory instruments, with particular reference to the management of the processes of integration of technologies, adapting to scientific and technological research within the scientific sector of belonging.

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