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The Research Project ReLIGHT intends to develop prototypes of organic LEDs (OLED) and organic photovoltaics (OPV) who provide performances that can facilitate their use together with product lines and processes of the industrial partners, using low cost and low complexity materials and techniques, experimenting plastic and composites substrates.

Main planned outputs are:

  • development of organic materials for use in electroluminescent (OLEDs) and photovoltaic (OPV) devices;
  • OLEDs based on nano-composites and new synthesis active materials on with glass fibres and carbon fibres pure or reinforced plastic substrates ;
  • engineered couplers optical layers: nano-particle dispersion and micro- and nano-structuring;
  • organic and/or hybrid circuits for the management of the luminescence of the OLED;
  • hybrid photovoltaic cells based on newly synthesized active materials on flexible substrates;
  • self-powered sensor nodes with flexible cells;
  • encapsulation techniques for OLEDs and rigid and flexible solar cells;
  • accelerated aging tests;
  • integration of OLED in the platform for in vitro diagnostic analysis;
  • non-commercial prototype of platform for the in vitro diagnostic analysis;
  • OLED and OPV manufactured by "inkjet printing" technique and by parallel and high speed printing;
  • integration of roll-to-roll screen printing technique in OLED and OPV fabrication and industrial screen printing system conversion;
  • database of materials for OLED and OPV relating to their sustainability and recovery at their end of life.
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