ReLIGHT - OR1: OLED light sources

The aim of this activity is the realisation of prototypes of innovative OLED devices, who are stable over time and use low cost and low complexity materials and techniques, so that both devices and technologies can be easily integrated with project partners’ array of products and processes, and to try to meet as far as possible the requirements of environmental compatibility as requested to products of  this new technology. Some device’s architectures will be used to improve the extraction of light, and techniques and circuits will be adopted to allow the increase of useful life time, such as innovative encapsulations and retroactive piloting circuits. The devices will be made on glass, will be tested on polymeric substrates, and substrates made of alternative materials will be evaluated, such as plastic matrix composites reinforced with glass or carbon fibers.

An important line of activities will concern the integration of prototypes, both from a technological (compatibility of realization processes with to-be-industrialised applications, low aggression, low temperature, low complexity) and from a functional point of view (types of power and possibility for interaction), with products of interest for TRIPODE industrial partners, developing new concepts / components as well as integrating them into commercial products.


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