ReLIGHT - OR5: New process technologies

The purpose of this objective is to investigate the use of innovative process technologies for the production of electro-optical devices (OLEDs,OPV, etc.) and optical microstructurations to be coupled to the latter to improve their performances. Of particular interest are printing technologies, that allow the realisation of low cost devices through processes that do not involve the use of photolithographic techniques and are also applicable to roll-to-roll processes..

A comparative study will be carried out of process technologies that achieve multiple devices in parallel, with the purpose of acquiring at least one of the techniques from one of the partners of the project (ENEA), a technique that is complementary and supportive to those already available in the laboratory. This study will exclude the technique of screen printing, known for its ability to create conductive tracks also in the photovoltaic industry, to wich specific tasks will be dedicated within the OR.

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