ReLIGHT - OR6: Methodologies of disposal and recovery (Green Approach) – Sustainability analysis

The EU legislation on waste is fairly limited in the field of organic electronics: the most relevant regulations often do not include the types of plastics that are normally used in this field. With high probability, such failure does not exclude that there are dangerous substances in some of the organic electronics’ products. The effect of the substitution of certain chemicals is of considerable importance in view of increased environmental compatibility of the obtained products.

The environmental impact of the typical organic electronics’ products can definitely be reduced considering an integrated approach to intervene both in the production of the devices and during the end of life management.

The main purpose of this OR is to contribute to the development of an integrated environmental policy that takes into account the new horizons of organic electronics and that covers both the materials used and the preparation techniques and implementation technologies of devices, assuming on the one hand the introduction of recycling products in the production cycle, on the other hand the reduction of energy costs.

To this end, we intend to develop a systematic analysis of the materials used during the construction of the devices of this project (OLED and hybrid photovoltaic cells) and to develop an appropriate process of pre-treatment for the recovery of the “recyclable”part.

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