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The Research Project SMARTAGS intends to support the application of some organic electronics’ technologies to create tags for monitoring physical parameters  who are applied to different types of products and different environmental configurations.

The realized tags are based on the integration of RFID chip and tags on polyester with other components made with materials and organic electronics techniques , experimenting and selecting both organic materials, the more suitable for the coupling with the external environment, and the basic components of organic electronics, such as organic thin film transistors (OTFT), to prepare simple coupling circuits with conventional electronics and potentially power sources.

Main planned outputs are:

  • fine-tuning of materials for the development of RFID sensors;
  • demonstrator of RFID tag, covered by a sensitive material layer;
  • organic thin film transistors with innovative architectures;
  • encapsulation of organic transistors;
  • organic and / or traditional circuits for interfacing between sensors and control electronics;
  • programmable smart RIDF tag with integrated temperature sensor;
  • antennas for RFID tags obtained by "ink-jet printing” technique;
  • innovative process for antennas made by “Hot-embossing" technique;
  • manufacturing process of tape devices, with "roll-to-roll" technology;
  • sensor prototype for the diagnosis of plant systems’ stress;
  • recovery treatment for materials from RFIDs;
  • study and optimization of the production cycle of RFID and other "smart tags" tested for the purpose of improving environmental sustainability;
  • preparation of RFID containing recycled materials.
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