OR 1: Sensitive tags

The objective of this OR is to modify the existing RFID, already commercially available, to obtain “smart” RFID tags, who are capable of combining themselves with one or more sensors. These new tags should provide substantial information on the physical, chemical and biological parameters of interest in complex environments, where existing sensors would provide too many false alarms.

Smart tags should have small dimensions, should be low cost and easily implementable; in addition, they should remain passive, without the need for batteries.

To achieve these objectives, we adopt two approaches:

  • The integration of passive RFID tag on plastic, with sensitive layers;
  • The study of simple interfacing circuits o for commercial active organic RFID tags.

Key areas in which it is intended to bring innovation are as follows:

  1. Development of a new platform of transducers, based on tags for the radio frequency identification (RFID) without batteries, that is able to employ low cost RFID passive-sensors for the chemical monitoring in different environments;
  2. Development of new sensitive materials, able to detect vapours, improving the selectivity towards the uncontrolled fluctuations of the ambient relative humidity;
  3. Study on the possibility of developing low cost and portable sensors’ readers (RFID reader and its antenna), allowing for the effective development of specific wireless sensors for the desired application. 


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