OR 3: Process technologies in continous

This activity has the following objectives:

  • development of innovative processes characterised by low cost, low complexity and low environmental impact, for the realisation of antennas for RFID tags on flexible substrate;
  • experiment with printing technologies known to the Partners, for roll-to-toll processes in continuous, with the aim to realize RFID antennas
  • realize array prototypes of devices via roll-to-roll printing and related control electronics.

One of the purposes of this OR is the development of innovative processes, characterised by low cost, low complexity and low environmental impact, to realize the antenna that represents a constituent part of the tags for the realisation of RFID devices in a prototype from on flexible substrate, allowing for an increased scalability of processes. Therefore these machines will be used, strengthening them appropriately to increase the processes’ reliability and speed for such uses.

Another objective is represented by the application of these technologies for the exploration of other continuous processes, always concerning the realisation of “tags” and based on the hybrid concept between organic and conventional semiconductors technologies.

It has been also proposed to study a continuous printing process of “smart tapes”, that can be used by moving from time to time “new” sensors within a conventional box containing electrical contacts, power supply and control systems.

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