Prototype of microcosm for plants breeding

Prototipo di sistema per la diagnosi dello stress nei sistemi vegetali


In the framework of the public private laboratory TRIPODE, ENEA, FOS and SESMAT have created, designed and realized a prototype of a microcosm for plants breeding under biotic and abiotic conditioning, by integrating competences in fields of materials, mechanics, sensors, vegetable and agronomy eco-physiology science.



The study about the effect of abnormal environmental conditions on plants growth and the study about efficacy of alternative and innovative agronomic techniques, along with the use of selected light radiations emitted by unconventional devices (LED, OLED) are affected on a laboratory scale of numerous dimensional and technical limits, that could invalidate the transfer of new technologies developed on laboratory scale.
The TRIPODE microcosm presents technical solutions that allow managing independently and differently growth conditions of the different parts of the plant monitoring actively and passively main environmental factors which act on plants growth and development, allowing their remote control.


About the potential scientific interest, the device might be used in different research fields in which are needed to study the interaction between plants as whole and the environment. These themes are of interest not only for ENEA but also for various other research entities, both Italians and foreigners.

Regarding the potential industrial interest, the device constitutes an evolution of the already-used telluric microcosm, of the already-used rizotron and especially of the already-established climatic chamber for plants breeding. Manufacturers companies of these devices develop products at high technological impact, are situated in developed countries and offer their products on a market which is mainly made by the developed countries themselves - since they are countries in which scientific research is more developed.


Industrial and productive sectors

Devices for scientific e technological research.

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