Prototype of OLED photometric station for in-Vitro Diagnostics analysis

Prototype of OLED photometric station for in-Vitro Diagnostics analysis


BTP – Tecno has started the design of an innovative platform to perform automatically immune-enzymatic tests.



The technological innovation basically regards the redesign of the machinery already used for the in vitro diagnostics, employing OLED technology in the reading station photometric and generating in this way a series of advantages in terms of cost and efficiency: indeed, the photometric stations currently used provide for the allocation of a halogen lamp in function as primary light source, which, through a set of coloured filters, obtain a radiation of a specific wavelength according to the request of the particular executed test method. The new OLED photometric station will bring benefits in terms of costs, replacing the halogen lamp that consumes more than OLED sources and reducing the operating costs of the platform.

The use of OLED devices, coupled with appropriate optical nanostructures for the appropriate selection of light radiation, will allow eliminating the filter wheel and its drive mechanism, entailing further advantages regarding simplification, costs and reliability.



Investing in the development of this technology with such a product innovation will allow first movers, beyond any benefits of cost and efficiency, to attack the In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) market, currently in sustained growth, thus allowing achieving high levels of competitiveness.


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