Prototype of organic transistor (OTFT)

Prototipi di transistor organici (OTFT)


ENEA, in collaboration with BTP-Tecno, FORMIT, UNISA and AET developed organic transistors (OTFT) characterizing its inner electric performances and into circuital systems.



The technology engaged in flexible organic electronic on large areas makes possible to realize active electronic devices to be integrated in flexible and/or transparent artefacts. The possibility to realize logics of communication, interfacing, addressing and processing of information is based on the availability of field-effect transistors that are the cornerstone needed for the synthesis of digital and analogue circuits.
Organic thin film transistors represent one of the main proposals of field-effect organic devices in which science and thin film technique’s application makes possible the manufacturing through solution and vacuum-free processes reducing then significantly environmental impact and increasing the process productivity. TRIPODE executes the whole development process of OTFTs: design, realization, characterization and devices’ and used materials’ analysis. Problems such as operative and environmental stability of these devices have been analyzed integrating them in circuits working as interface for adapting signals among devices and conventional systems of electronic information reading. Pursued objectives are to reach the minimum dimensions related to dynamic and statistic characteristics.



Integration of analogue and digital circuits, manufactured on rigid and flexible layers. Piloting matrix of Organic LED, organic RFID, conditioning sensors, coupling circuits, photo-sensors, transfer of electric power at distance.


Industrial and productive sectors

Hybrid electronic, interface electronic, with particular reference to signal conditioning signal and addressing schemes.

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