Sensitive smart tags

Sensitive smart tags


AET has created a system of characterization of passive RFID sensors in collaboration with ENEA laboratories .



The technological innovation consists of having modified existing RFIDs (commercially available) in order to obtain "smart" RFIDs that combine with these tags a number of sensors (temperature, humidity, chemicals, etc.), in order to provide information about physical, chemical and biological parameters of interest in complex environments. The chemioresistivity’s characteristic, related to the sensitiveness of these RFID devices, permits a potential use in the field of environmental surveys.



The market potential of these devices is wide, where its technology is associated with a low cost and solid production modality that meets cost effectiveness cirteria: potential markets are various and some already quite lively (think, for example, of the logistics services’ market in China and the over and over increasing use of such RFID in the supply chain management). In addition, there is a great potential for the agrofood industry: from the use of sensitive RFID for plant systems’ monitoring to the management of the “cold chain”.

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