The public-private laboratory on the “development of research technologies for the integration of polymers in electronic devices”

TRIPODE is a research project funded by the Italian Operative Program “Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013” (PON R&C – for Convergence Regions, with the aim to strengthen an already existing public private laboratory.

Indeed, on  October 29th 2010, the Italian Ministry of Research has published a call, named “Decreto Direttoriale n.713/Ric.”, both for the strengthening and consolidation of existing Technology Districts and Laboratories, and for the creation of new Technology Districts and public-private partnerships.

TRIPODE project has a duration of 3 years, starting from June 2012, and is coordinated by ENEA. Partners of the public private laboratory are: University of Salerno, companies such as BTP Tecno, FOS, SESMAT, AET and Fondazione FORMIT.

The aim of the former TRIPODE laboratory was to develop low-cost integration technologies of new semi-conductive materials, above all polymers, into devices and circuits for electronic and sensor applications. The consolidation of the existing public-private laboratory has the aim to realize an integrated plan for developing eco-friendly and adaptable material technologies – since they are produced at a low temperature and can only be printed at request – and autonomous products to be easily integrated – since it is possible to deposit them on different type of materials and on flexible and thin supports, in order to transfer public research methodology and produce results close to SMEs’ priorities and requirements.

The research activities of TRIPODE will be focused on certain lines close to SMEs’ requirements and of a huge replicability, organised as follows:

  • A Strategic Plan SORGENTE – Organic Semiconductors and related emergent Technologies;
  • A Research Project ReLIGHT - Research for LIGHT (lighting and sunlight);
  • A Training Project PROTEO-ReLIGHT: designers and technicians, experts in Organic Electronic, with an innovative technologist’s profile;
  • A Research Project SMARTAGS - SMART application for organic TAGS;
  • A Training Project PROTEO-SMARTAGS: designers and technicians, experts in Organic Electronic, with the profile of technologies’ integrator.
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