The Strategic Plan

The mission and the strategy of TRIPODE public-private laboratory are reported in the Strategic Plan SORGENTE - Organic Semiconductors and related emergent Technologies.

The Strategic Plan integrates the TRIPODE’s consolidation, by providing a strategy to involve Campania Region SMEs in the three-year period of the projects ReLIGHT and SMARTAGS.

Organic semiconductors lead to a bunch of emergent technologies, who are eco-friendly and able to provide a wide range of products, to be easily integrated in other products and able to lift up the high-tech content of “Made in Italy” products. Italy participates in these research activities, characterised by a marginal participation of SMEs, with national and international funds and has established a public –private laboratory (TRIPODE) which demonstrated the capability to produce demonstrators for materials and devices. The consolidation of TRIPODE, through the actualization of SORGENTE Strategic Plan, will permit to receive the best Return on Investments, of those already made by the Italian Ministry, and to provide Italy with the capability to compete at European level, even with its SMEs.  

SORGENTE is an integrated plan of the TRIPODE public-private laboratory aiming at the development of eco-friendly and adaptable material technologies – since they are produced at a low temperature and can only be printed at request – and autonomous products to be easily integrated – since it is possible to deposit them on different type of materials and on flexible and thin supports, in order to transfer public research methodology and to produce results close to SMEs’ priorities and requirements. 

The Guidelines of the SORGENTE Strategic Plan favor the following objectives:

  • Implementation of research and development activities with a strong focus on production processes;
  • Increase of the SMEs’ involvement;
  • Set up of preconditions for North-South interaction among enterprises, taking into account the priorities of Convergence regions;
  • Search of a “supply chain” effect that would allow the development of southern SMEs in order to create the pre-conditions for interaction with the rest of the country and afterwards with the rest of Europe achieving competitiveness in this industry;
  • Identification of research and product approaches suitable for SMEs, with a focus also on the short-term returns and the simplification of products’ prototypes to be developed;
  • Development of medium-term research activities on risky objectives and on complex demonstrators, exploiting the collaboration of universities and research organisations.

The SORGENTE Strategic Plan is organised in two projects, ReLIGHT and SMARTAGS.

ReLIGHT project deals with the realisation of studies and prototypes in the OLAE applications’ sector concerning light: solid state lighting through OLED, OLED sources’ application, flexible solar cells based on organic semiconductors. 

SMARTAGS project deals with the identification of sensitive materials suitable for different applications (environment, agro-food, biomedical, etc) and capable to monitor variations of main physical characteristics (temperature, pressure, gas concentration, etc), by investigating integration strategies with supporting materials and systems as well as the optimisation of related fabrication methods, aimed at the reduction of unit costs. 

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